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Wander around the streets and piazzas of Ljubljana – the Slovenian capital. Fill the day with a trip to the Slovenian Coast with stops on the way: the UNESCO Skocjan Caves, one of the largest and most beautiful Karst caves in Europe, to the local villages and taverns for some local Prosciutto & Wine. Spend the day exploring Bled, the magnificent  Alpine resort with a mountain lake and a tiny island in the middle, an old castle with amazing views on the surrounding Alps.
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Uncover the local delights of Beijing’s hutongs. Travel by rickshaw to gain an insight into the communities that live here. Explore the expansive and impressive Summer Palace with its temples, landscaped gardens and central lake. Walk along a quieter section of the Great Wall of China, and marvel at the enormity of this historical wonder.
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Visit the National Museum which contains 6,000 years of Bahrain’s history. Explore Bahrain Fort which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Drive through the bridge which connects Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
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Highlights of Cambodia

Admire the stunning sunrise over the tops of Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples. Take a boat ride to visit the unique floating village of Kampong Phluk and learn about the fascinating life of the local people. Glide through the fascinating streets of Phnom Penh on a traditional cyclo tour. Experience an evening of music, theatre and acrobatics with a night at the Cambodian Phare Circus.
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Combine dynamic Tokyo with a journey to picturesque Hakone. Discover Mt Fuji and experience Hakone’s lakes, shrines and art scene.
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Our Insider Experience

  • Enjoy the spectacular adventure trails of Jordan
  • Enjoy the second wonder of the world; Petra, The Red Rose City
  • Visit the little Petra which is a miniature of Petra main site
  • Explore the moon-like desert of Wadi Rum
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Feel the contemporary atmosphere at the birthplace of modern Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, and also see the city’s 2,500-year history in Jeddah.
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Explore Southern Laos, a region where time seems to stand still. Journey through sleepy rural scenes, fertile plains, coffee plantations and scenic waterfalls. Discover the 4,000 Islands, spot the elusive Irrawaddy dolphin or soak in a stunning Mekong sunset.
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Temples of Angkor

Before dawn, travel to Angkor Wat and explore the grounds by torchlight before watching the sun rise over Angkor Wat‘s famous spires. Journey through the Cambodian countryside before entering Angkor Thom where you will gain your first view of the many faces of Bayon temple. Stroll through Dom Deak local market before making your way to the Cambodian Landmine Museum.
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